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Should we also start collecting coins?
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Saturday, 20.04.2019, 23:51
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Coins accross the Universe


The list of Challenges

In order to make the system work more interesting, we also add some challenge into the project.

  • After there are 100 Users here, we divide into countries and compete between the countries for a big bonus. (95 more users needed)

  • The one who sends the greatest amount of valuable marks till 1st of June 2013, recieves a special "award" - the booster that doubles the reputation for a week after someone recieves a new parcel from this user.

  • The one who sends most in a month, gets a permanent place in Hall of Glory and the mark of this user will be published at the top all the month long.

Hall of Glory

Most sent:
February 2013: ??Not finished yet??

Most recieved:
February 2013: ??Not finished yet??